Monday, September 12, 2011

Zach Attack's

I have Zach attack's all the time. However, I think we need to start putting a different spin on the attack. YES he was a firece monster, especially his morning dragon breath; yet, I think that these attacks are more his gentle reminder to us that he loves and cares for us. More than that though, his way of communicating with us, to nudge us, and gives us hope and courage. I am that much more powerful knowing that I have a gardian angel at my side. I love Zach, and I always will; however, if you open your eyes, you can see that he is with us, and that we can share his love with others. In the Caltholic church, they believe in Saints, and I know for a fact that St. Zachary is a powerful connection to God for us. His gentle spirit and positivity will never leave our side. Life is good! So, cheers to our tears and to our mememories. Zach will always be attacking us with his love. So go forth, and "attack" or share God's and Zachary's unconditional love with someone. Power to the peaceful my friend. <3

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Current Books

I know that I have not posted in a while! However, the new goal is to start blogging more often. My semester has been a blessing and an adventure all wrapped up into one. I have been crazy busy working and trying to figure out what my next step in life is going to be. I still have no idea.

Tonight I am leaving for my second trip to Guatemala!
This is a complete blessing from my church family and my actual family and friends.
Thank you for supporting me on this endeavor.

I am currently reading four books, that you should check out!!
1) The bible!
2) Good morning Lord, I don't know where you are taking me, but I am going! (Daily devotional)
3) Immersion by Mark McNees
4) Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

Life has taken some unexpected winding paths; however, I am not discouraged! Like I said before, I am blessed by the lessons learned. I have truly learned what it means to guard your heart. I love learning and am amazed by how much these four books are teaching me about life.

Let the sunshine warm your face and your heart!
Skip and be merry. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Diet and Exercise

Everyone has been telling me how great I look, and I thank them. They also ask me what I have been doing. I tell them diet and exercise. I want to give you encouragement to seek healthy ways to live your life to the fullest in 2011. If I did not take the opportunity to dedicate time to my health and fitness, then I would not have had as active year as I have had. In 2011, I want to do more, accomplish greater deeds, and live my life to the fullest everyday. I want to live it up!

Here are some of my favorite 2010 photos.
Courtney and I found this little guy while biking in Tally. This was my birthday weekend. Chrissy and Tommy came to visit. We also found a friendly squirrel named Walter. Chrissy also found out how much she truly loves trees by allowing a tree to save her life. Haha! <3

Elliot, Sarah, Scott, Kelly, Matt, and I
We could not resist being goofy in the Golden, CO. Coors Factory gift shop.

These beautiful crocheted flowers are a symbolic representation of life in the midst of construction in down town Denver. While riding our bikes past this fence, a box that states positive affirmations stated, "You are beautiful!" What a cool way to spread happiness and lift people's spirits.

This little Guatemalan boy drew a tree. This year my favorite symbol became a tree. Trees are parallel to all life. One of my favorite books, The Giving Tree.

This is one of the many breath taking views of Guatemala. The country is extremely beautiful and scenic; however, right beyond this beauty is utter poverty and sadness because of land slides and natural disasters.

These are my yoga girls! We are doing one of our many "This is why I am single fish faces"!  Hawt!

I am slurping lemonade with my lemonade friend. I still do not need another straw, but hopefully one day I will. Mexico Beach, FL. My mom actually thought that I had gone to Mexico without telling her. Ha!

This is Joanna. She kicks my butt Tuesday through Friday at 7am. Thanks to her I have lost about 50lbs this year. It is not all her though, I am telling you the secret: Diet and Exercise.

I love this up close photograph of me. I am at Venice Beach, FL with Chrissy and Tommy on our walk about. We parked our cars five miles away from each other at two different beaches and explored the beautiful gulf coast of FL by foot.

I took this breath taking patriotic photo while in Washington, DC with Dr. Carroll. Together we went and talked to our state senators and house representatives about education in the state of FL. What a great trip. Dr. Carroll is such a light in my life and a great role model for all women.

Daniel and I at the Dreaming Cows Farm. In 2009 and 2010 we went on the New Leaf Farm Tour. This day is dedicated to local farms opening up their farms and educating the community about what exactly they do. We love this trip because we not only get to learn about local farm practices, but we get to play with the cows, taste samples, and enjoy some Florida sunshine.

This is a classic Matty and JTodd photo. This year we have gone on many great adventures and have explored many different springs and areas of Florida. Here are are dancing at Hammnknockers Oasis, in O Bay.    

I will conclude by saying: Never stop exploring and letting your light shine!
Happy New Year!!
Much love!

The Light House

I know that I have not written in a long time. I have no honest excuses. Life has been happening!! Today has been a great day. This morning I had a great work out, then had a meeting with Dr. Meehan to discuss the possibility of applying for an English Teaching Full Bright fellowship for the 2012-2013 school year. I applied for graduation at the end of this spring semester, and I started studying for my comprehensive exams. Like I said, life is happening before my eyes. This morning I also started a morning devotional that will help me focus my attention on God and how His love and guidance will lead me to the next step in my life. On Sunday, Pastor Mark talked about how to live and ordinary life. He was being sneaky and trying to get us all to get excited about the new year and really want to live an extraordinary life. A life that is based on faith. A life that is unknown but exciting and always an adventure.

I wrote this prayer/ affirmation down:
"Dear Lord, I know that I am qualified. I have the authority. I have the credibility. I am good enough. I have confidence. Lord, please, send me!" What does this prayer actually mean? "I am walking blindly by faith. I have lost all sense of direction, but I trust that God will lead me, and take me where he needs me to go. When I was younger, I would pray for God to make me his servant, to use me to better serve society and His people".

Chuck and Marji created this beautiful allusion for me. The image of a light house shining its light for all to see. This image is symbolic of staying vertical and walking hand in hand with God. If I were to crumble and give in to the temptations of this life, then I would no longer be able to shine on. I am not good at being patient; however, I must lean on God and allow him to work in my life. The reward will be that much grater!

The picture is a beautiful photo of the St. Mark's light house. Chuck, Marji and I love to get up early on Sunday mornings and complete a 16 mile ride to the light house. This quiet time in the morning is our opportunity to reflect and really feel the presence of God through the use of Mother Nature. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Beating Heart

“Estoy aqui. Abierto a la vida. Abrazo el mundo con amor, y lo llevo a mi Corazon”

I am getting ready to go to Guatemala; yet, emotionally I am unable to focus on the grand adventure that God has allowed me to partake in. With the changing of weather, changing of seasons, changing of life plans and directions, I am a mess. I have been craving meat, sweets, and intimacy. I have been unmotivated and have lack of energy. This is what depression must feel like.

I must keep in mind that God has me where He wants me. That I must be patient, and wait on the Lord. I must guard the well springs of my heart too. I need to remind myself of what Pastor Mark said about depression: "We must seek what is true, light, pure, and holy." Depression and darkness cannot survive in the light.

My new mantra:
“I am here. Open to life. I embrace the world with love, and take it to my heart.”
Thank you God for blessing my life, and allowing me to give the world my heart; only through my hands acting as your tangible gift, am I able to do this. Prepare me for the journey that I am about to take. Come Daddy and wrap your loving arms around me to give my heart peace.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Twenty-four and a mere child

Halloween costume: birthday suit; water fall.

Today was the last day of Pathways. I have spent seven weeks devoting my thoughts to the intimate relationship with my creator. Like Amanda said this morning, “This is just the beginning.”  As I just wrote on a comment, “ I am God’s Child; He wants me to share his great new!”.

This has been the most exhilarating weekend.  Thursday, we had a pumpkin carving party at the Casa de Jennie/ Jtodd.  Then on Friday, Chrissy and Tommy came into town. We went on a two hour bike ride around the Southwood area. After this, I made a delicious vegetarian dinner of stuffed peppers, asparagus, and salad.  After we devoured this scrumptious meal we headed out to the circus. The FSU Flying high circus was the high light of the day for me. We watched talented students fly through the air, through bodies around, and do the impossible. We were memorized by the costumes and magic which made us feel like children again. Sleeping camping style in my living room made me long to go camping;  we went. Marjie, Chuck, Chrissy, Tommy, Matty, and I packed up our gear and headed out to Torreya State Park. While at the park we biked on trailed that are difficult to walk. I swam in the Apalachicola River and bathed in a small water fall.  We made hobo dinners  and s’mores,  played yahtzee, and star gazed. We laughed and smiled the entire time.  Then today, I had the opportunity to talk about Zachary’s story; I spread the good news. I took my friendship to a new level based on my relational rights with my community. We then went on a bike ride, drank margaritas, and ate peanut butter cup cheese cake! After my nap, I check facebook and over 100 people have wished me a happy birthday!!

What does all of this mean?  God is showing me that I am not alone; I have a community of family and friends that love me and support me. I am growing in my faith and allowing God to direct my foot prints in the process of taking my intimate friendships to a deeper level.  I am exploring, searching, questioning, my own journey. I am praying that one day God will put a man in my life that will love all of these things about me and be willing to walk this path with me. 

I am not sure where this year will take me, and I have no idea who I am going to meet. I do know that I am going to keep loving like crazy, and keep getting back to the basics.  Life is happening, and I am blessed.

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