Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Toni Morrison's take on Raw Life

I am currently reading Toni Morrison's A Mercy:
"...He took delight in the journey. Breathing the air of a world so new, almost alarming in rawness and temptation, never failed to invigorate him. Once beyond the warm gold of the bay, he saw forests untouched since Noah, shorelines beautiful enough to bring tears, wild food for the taking.The lies of the Company about the the easy profit awaiting all comers did not surprise or discourage him. In fact it was a hardship, adventure, that attracted him. His whole life has been a mix of confrontation, risk and placating. Now here he was, a ratty orphan become landowner, making a place out of no place, a temperate living from raw life" (13).

What is Raw Life Now? Toni Morrison says it so elloquently, raw living is about the uncensored truth: the journey, breathing in newness, temptation, failing, beauty, tears, food, lies, surprise, discouragment, hardships, adventure, attraction, confrontation, risks.